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booster club fundraising made simple

Booster Club Fundraising Made Simple.  


Fundraising.  The word alone can stir thoughts of past failuresand the headache in trying to manage and collect money from large groups of people.  

In my personal experience fundraising was seen as a bad word.  You had to come up with some thing that may or may not work.  Get your team organized and then try and shill your wares to folks in the community.  Often times whatever you were selling people didn't want (discount cards and chocolate bars), but if you were luck bought one or two items with a minimal gain to the team.  Once the fundraiser ran its course the real hassle began; collecting the funds.  What a nightmare.  

10 Steps to the Perfect Fundraiser Download

Well thanks to technology and social networking we can now take the hassle out of fundraising.  By using AthleticFunder teams can now offer incredible items designed with the buyer in mind.  Donations are determined by the buyer and all of this happens without any direct involvement from the team.  Basically you set up AthleticFunder, let your boosters, fans, and parents know about it and watch the money start rolling in.  

It really is fundraising made simple.  


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Russell Pixton

Written by Russell Pixton