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cheerleading tailgate fundraiser


Organize a cheerleading tailgate fundraiser. 

Few things go together quite like tailgating, football, and cheerleaders in the fall.  What better way to raise some money for the spirit squad than hosting a "Cheerleading Tailgate Fundraiser!"

This fundraiser, of course, centers around football, food, and school spirit, so to help this fundraiser make funds, you’ll need some willing participants and a location to house several spirit-loving cheerleading fans.  The funds will come about from purchasing a pass to sample what’s cooking at the tailgates. It could be anything from hotdogs, hamburgers, and everything else associated with a normal cookout, to something as elaborate as steaks, pizza, veggies, fruits and so on. It will be whatever the tailgating cooks prepare for this fundraiser.

If you can find someone willing to give attention to the drinks, then you could even include someone to tailgate beverages. This could be sodas, juices, tea, and water. No alcoholic beverages should be served as this is a family tailgating fundraiser.

Get with the Booster Club and see what kind of money is available to purchase the beverages and other things needed to host this event. If need be, ask that the Boosters hit up family, friends, and neighbors to donate either money or foods and drinks to this fundraiser. Be sure to stress that this will be for raising money, for the school, and not for some personal agenda.

You’ll definitely need to decide on when you’ll be setting this fundraiser up for viewing. Next get out fliers announcing this event. You want to consider the limit of people which can be housed in whatever place you find and don’t go over. Fire regulations have to be obeyed, so make arrangements for other viewing devices to be around so those who don’t make it into the building can still take part and actually tailgate.

Set up an area where funds can be collected prior to anyone having access to the food area. Once the funds for admittance are collected, hand each person a plate and direct them towards those food laden tailgates and beverages.

Prior to the event, set up several large trash cans for trash disposal. Maintaining a clean event site goes a long way in other events being held at this location. Just to make sure all the bases are covered, arrange for a clean up committee to attend to garbage disposal, unless otherwise directed by the responsible person who takes care of the event location.

This is the type of fundraiser which will bring in several willing and eager eaters and cheerleading supporters. Remember when setting this fundraiser up, play up the “raising funds for the school” part. That is the most important reason for this event after all.

Okay I can hear the excitement now. Here they come, are the fires lit? Is the game ready. Well get busy, they’ll be here soon.


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Russell Pixton

Written by Russell Pixton