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How to craft the perfect Football Booster Club Donation Letter.

Asking for money can be tricky.  Think about it.  Have you ever just handed over money for no reason.  In order to raise funds in your next letter writing campaing you better put some serious thought into the mindset of those you will be sending your Football Booster Club Donation Letter to. 


The first question to ask is....

Why would this person want to help?

This really is a multi-faceted question.  It really helps you target who should be

receiving your letter.  Is it a local business that wants to show good will to the community?  Is it a grandparent or parent that wants to see little Jimmy succeed?  Is it an alumnus that wants to support the team that he was a part of years prior? 

It is important to nail this down and tailor your message to each persona.  

Why do you need help?

Again, going back to being asked for money, no one wants to give away their money without reason.  Show them in your letter what, where, and who the money will be going to.  Include details about what events or equipment will be purchased with funds.  Let them know who they will be supporting both in writing and with a picture.  This step is key because it instills a sense of goodwill in donors and assures them that their hard earned money is going to a good place.  

How much should I donate?

This is a tough question to answer.  Rather than having them write in their own amount it's the best football booster club donation letter often contains a tiered donor level .  You could put it at Frosh, JV, and Varsity or whatever suits your base best.  

How do I get this letter out?

There are several ways to get your football booster club donation letter out.  You can do traditional snail mail or you can utilize your blog and social media to contact those already in your email list and solicit donations online.   

Once you've mastered the football booster club donation letter it's important to keep that momentum rolling into your next fundraiser.  Download our 25 best fundraisers list.

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Russell Pixton

Written by Russell Pixton