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How to do Social Media correctly for High School Football Booster Clubs. 

While browsing twitter tonight I came across a post that really caught my eye.  This was from the Poway Titan Football team and it was just too good not to share.  

 Now that ladies and gentlemen is how you do it.  This is awesome!  The creators of this video put together a great clip that shows some plays on the field and brings attention to what the team is doing in their fundraiser(full disclosure the classical music kind of gets me jacked up too).

This is an obviously great example but social media can be used for many things.  They can bring attention to causes, highlight games, recognize players and club members, high light community service, and you can even keep people up to date on scores for out of town games.  The possibilities are endless.  

To really get great at social media and effectively implement them for our high school football booster clubs we first need to take a look at some of the different social platforms.  

social media for high school football booster clubs

 With what seems like an ever-expanding array of social media platforms let's just focus in on a few of the most popular networks and how they can help your booster club spread their message.  


The 800 pound gorilla in the room.  It seems like everyone has Facebook these days.  The social network is more popular than ever and is showing no signs of slowing down.  Use this to your clubs advantage by creating a Facebook page specific to your group.  This can act as a hub for news and letting people know about upcoming events and sharing photos of past events.  Facebook can also act as a great recruiting tool by inviting folks to like your page.  


Twitter is a bit different than Facebook and it's userbase has some different expectations.  Twitter differentiate itself in that you are only allowed 140 characters to get your point across.  Short and sweet.  Twitter makes for a great platform to let people know what's going on instantly.  Tweeting game scores and any possible last minute changes to an event would be a great way to use Twitter.  Creating a club twitter is a snap and can be managed very easily.


Instagram brings out the photographer in all of us.  Put instagram in the hands of an artsy parent and allow them to take pictures at events, practices and games.  This will provide some wonderful shots that can be enjoyed by all followers of your Booster Club.  


It is the relative newcomer on the block and one that is extremely popular with younger generations.  Snapchat's appeal is that once a picture is posted it is viewed once by followers and is erased forever.  Now you might say "Well that doesn't make any sense I wanted that picture," but this platform is generally more of a "for fun" use.  Post snaps that have players and parents acting goofy or enjoying an awesome tailgate before the game.  It makes for a great way to show the fun side of your group.  

"All in all, social media for High School Football Booster Clubs can be a great way to generate excitement for your teams."  

Using social media can greatly enhance your groups cohesiveness and generate enthusiasm by providing a fun way to keep up with the team.  If you'd really like to take things to the next level then it is time to look at expanding on your story past 140 characters and get started with a blog.  You can read more about blogging for your high school football booster club here.  

Once you have your online presence down let's put it to work by organizing a fundraiser and involving your entire community of members, parents, and fans.  

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Russell Pixton

Written by Russell Pixton